King Elementary

Omaha, Nebraska



The children at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary are truly like no other. The moment Libby and I walked through the doors and saw the children excitedly waiting for their breakfast, we knew that we wanted to help them in any way we could. Not all of them live in the best conditions, but they all had huge smiles on their faces even while huddling in the brisk morning, eager to learn and spend time with their friends. We saw ourselves in them, which is why we knew that the best way to start helping them was to introduce ourselves.



When we were young, we all looked up to older kids. So, for guidance, we knew we were the best for the job. We gathered our friends, and with the help of Mrs. Hinderaker and Mrs. Black from King Elementary, we set up a schedule to help the summer school and any field trips. It has been an amazing experience that both parties seem to enjoy immensely.


We don’t want to stop there, though.


Whenever we interact with the kids, their eyes just seem to light up. It’s crazy how simple it is to make a difference in another person’s life. And it’s fun, too.
— Amanda Zhang

About half of the 400 kids who attend the school do not have their own backpacks or supplies. This summer, we want to raise the money to buy them whatever they may need for the upcoming school year, whether it be their own backpack, or even just a pack of pencils that would make the school year infinitely less stressful. We plan on setting up an online store based on this website so that donators can choose exactly what they want contribute to the cause. Or, if they don’t mind where the money goes, they can always just choose to donate the old-fashioned way.


Thank you so much for any support and we are truly grateful to be a part these kids’ education. 

- Ameya Shelby Cofounder & CEO